Cyber Command Center opens at historic Sarasota Waterworks Building

New Sarasota tech company invites hackers, coders to compete in Code-A-Thon
May 10, 2017

Cyber Command Center opens at historic Sarasota Waterworks Building

SARASOTA, Fla. – The Sarasota Waterworks Building became home to a new cyber security occupant this month, when the SRQ Cyber Command Center moved in to the historic space.

SRQ Cyber Command Center began leasing and overhauling the 91-year-old building on May 15 and is scheduled to have their grand opening party on Saturday, June 3.

As part of the remodel, the company created a coffee bar, which will serve as a collaborative work space and feature their own brand of coffee called Coffee Strong, a play-on-words for their main company, CopyStrong. Concrete floors have been stripped, sealed and restored, wood floors were added in other areas, custom furniture was created specifically for the space, and the entire facility received a dramatic modern-industrial uplift. Additionally, due to the sensitive nature of the work performed at SRQ Cyber Command Center, additional security measures have been added to the building.

The grand opening will be open to guests and members of the media by invitation only.

Several VIP individuals from around the U.S. are planning to attend. These individuals include local government officials and leaders in the areas of startup capital funding, military and government defense, specialized coders and developers, and intellectual property protection experts.

“We’re highly excited about our new space and what this will do for the community,” said Erica Bowles, founder of SRQ Cyber Command Center, CopyStrong and Code Indigo. “In addition to the grand opening, we expect to host a number of community events, like kids coding classes and an adult education curriculum.”

The event will feature a ribbon-cutting ceremony, food and drinks, live music, an interactive geo-tagging event, and an overview on new coding and technology community involvement programs SRQ Cyber Command Center plans to initiate. These programs are designed to enhance technology incentives and encourage technology growth for Sarasota, Bradenton and the greater Tampa Bay area.

Additionally, artists from the community will be creating art at the grand opening and demonstrating art in the form of furniture and collaborative technology pieces, which were specifically designed for the space.

SRQ Cyber Command Center is the new home to three technology and cyber security companies, which include Code Indigo, CopyStrong and Cloud Arcane.

Earlier this month, the company also announced they will be hosting a Code-A-Thon, which will serve as a hiring event and is another opportunity to grow the technology sector in Sarasota.

ABOUT SRQ Cyber Command Center

SRQ Cyber Command Center is the new headquarters to three Sarasota technology companies, Code Indigo, CopyStrong and Cloud Arcane.

Code Indigo is an insider threat protection software that works on intranet and middleware applications aimed at serving the legal, healthcare, financial and government sectors.

CopyStrong offers intellectual property protection that features unique behavior analytics, combined with recovery functionality to protect against copyright infringement.

Cloud Arcane’s work is currently confidential.

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