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1926 Waterworks Building

The City "Waterworks Building", located at 1015 N. Orange Avenue, is a two-story red brick, Mediterranean Revival style City utility. The building was constructed in 1926 specifically to be utilized as the city waterworks station for the City of Sarasota. On April 23, 1984, the city "Waterworks Building" was officially listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the National Park Service, Department of Interior, Washington, D.C.

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SRQ Cyber Command is home to our two software companies. We specialize in Insider Threat and Intellectual Property Protection, thus our facility is secure and not open to the general public. However, education, internships and training meetings will be coordinated appropriately.
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Write me at: info@srqcybercommand.com

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Founder | CTO

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Project Manager

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James Hanratty

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